Install Multicluster

Set up a multicluster Verrazzano environment


  • Before you begin, read this document, Verrazzano in a multicluster environment.
  • To set up a multicluster Verrazzano environment, you will need two or more Kubernetes clusters. One of these clusters will be admin cluster; the others will be managed clusters. For instructions on preparing Kubernetes platforms for installing Verrazzano, see Platform Setup.

The following instructions assume an admin cluster and a single managed cluster. For each additional managed cluster, simply repeat the managed cluster instructions.

Install Verrazzano

To install Verrazzano on each Kubernetes cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. On one cluster, install Verrazzano using the dev or prod profile; this will be the admin cluster.
  2. On the other cluster, install Verrazzano using the managed-cluster profile; this will be a managed cluster. The managed-cluster profile contains only the components that are required for a managed cluster.
    NOTE: You also can use the dev or prod profile.
  3. Then, register the managed clusters in a multicluster environment by following a registration method found here.

For detailed instructions on how to install and customize Verrazzano on a Kubernetes cluster using a specific profile, see the Installation Guide and Installation Profiles.