Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform

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An open source, easy-to-adopt container platform for managing applications and Kubernetes clusters across clouds.


Easy to Adopt

  • Simple, easy installation and upgrade
  • Familiar open source components
  • Cross-cloud consistency — same tools and behavior regardless of hosting environment
  • Flexible configuration and deployment options

Enhanced Developer Productivity

  • Flatten the learning curve for cloud native technology adoption
  • DevOps/GitOps enablement
  • Combined infrastructure and application management
  • Polyglot – any container workload

Secure by Default

  • Preconfigured and automated service mesh
  • Embedded identity provider
  • Easy federation to corporate LDAP or Oauth providers
  • Cross-cluster authentication and authorization
  • Automatic certificate management

Day 2 Multi-Cloud Operations

  • Centralized cross-cloud cluster and application management
  • Centralized automated observability
  • Optimized multicloud application life cycle
  • Application portability across clouds

Application Modernization

  • Complete platform for Day 1 and Day 2 operations
  • Easily move traditional applications to containers to manage with new microservices
  • Write new microservices using Java or other programming languages

New Application Development

  • Application modeling for enhanced microservice cross-cloud life cycle and application portability
  • Write new microservices using Java or other programming languages
  • Use Coherence for state management and in-memory data processing