Migrate from Deprecated API Versions

As the Verrazzano API evolves, APIs are periodically updated. When APIs evolve, the old API is deprecated and eventually removed. This document contains information that you need to know when migrating from deprecated API versions to newer and more stable API versions.


The install.verrazzano.io/v1alpha1 API version of Verrazzano resources is deprecated and will no longer be served in a future release.

  • Migrate manifests and API clients to use the install.verrazzano.io/v1beta1 API version, available since 1.4.0.
  • All existing persisted objects are accessible using the new API.

Notable Changes In install.verrazzano.io/v1beta1

  • spec.components.ingress is renamed to spec.components.ingressNGINX.
  • spec.components.kibana is renamed to spec.components.opensearchDashboards
  • spec.components.elasticsearch is renamed to spec.components.opensearch
  • spec.components.fluentd.elasticsearchSecret is renamed to spec.components.fluentd.opensearchSecret
  • spec.components.fluentd.elasticsearchURL is renamed to spec.components.fluentd.opensearchURL
  • status.instance.kibanaUrl is renamed to status.instance.opensearchDashboardsUrl
  • status.instance.elasticUrl is renamed to status.instance.opensearchUrl
  • Use spec.components.opensearch.nodes instead of spec.components.elasticsearch.installArgs.
  • Use spec.components.ingressNGINX.overrides instead of spec.components.ingress.nginxInstallArgs.
  • Use spec.components.istio.overrides instead of spec.components.istio.istioInstallArgs.
  • Use spec.components.istio.overrides instead of spec.components.istio.ingress.
  • Use spec.components.istio.overrides instead of spec.components.istio.egress.
  • Use spec.components.keycloak.overrides instead of spec.components.keycloak.keycloakInstallArgs.
  • Use spec.components.verrazzano.overrides instead of spec.components.verrazzano.installArgs.
  • Use spec.components.authProxy.overrides instead of spec.components.authProxy.kubernetes.

Co-installing previous Verrazzano versions

After installing Verrazzano version 1.4.0 or later, and not uninstalling it before installing versions of Verrazzano prior to 1.4.0, will result in the following error:

The CustomResourceDefinition "verrazzanos.install.verrazzano.io" is invalid: status.storedVersions[0]: Invalid value: "v1beta1": must appear in spec.versions

To resolve this error, delete the verrazzanos.install.verrazzano.io Custom Resource Definition:

$ kubectl delete customresourcedefinition verrazzanos.install.verrazzano.io


Some of the multicluster wrappers APIs, which are part of clusters.verrazzano.io/v1alpha1, are deprecated and will be removed in Verrazzano v2.0.0. The APIs that will be removed are:

  • MultiClusterComponent - Should be replaced with a core.oam/dev/v1alpha2 Component resource.
  • MultiClusterConfigMap - Should be replaced with a core.oam/dev/v1alpha2 Component resource.
  • MultiClusterSecret - Should be replaced with a Kubernetes Secret and referenced in the spec.secrets of a MultiClusterApplicationConfiguration resource.