Multicluster Monitoring

Verrazzano federates metrics from managed clusters to the admin cluster. This ensures that metrics in managed clusters can be queried from the admin cluster.

If you enable Thanos on the managed clusters, Verrazzano installs the required set of Thanos components on the managed clusters. Then, on the admin cluster, Verrazzano automatically configures the managed cluster’s Thanos endpoint in Thanos Query. This allows you to query metrics across all clusters from Thanos Query on the admin cluster.

For Thanos to query metrics from managed clusters, you must enable Thanos on the admin cluster and managed clusters. If Thanos is disabled on either the admin or managed clusters, then Prometheus federation is used to scrape metrics from managed clusters.

When enabling long-term metric storage in object storage, it is recommended that you use a separate bucket for each managed cluster. This provides metric data isolation and improves overall query performance. For more information, see Thanos.

The following is a representation of metrics collection in a multicluster environment.