Verrazzano in a Multicluster Environment

Review the following key concepts to understand multicluster Verrazzano.

  • Admin cluster - A Kubernetes cluster that serves as the central management point for deploying and monitoring applications in managed clusters.
  • Managed clusters - A Kubernetes cluster that has the following characteristics:
    • It is registered with an admin cluster with a unique name.
    • Verrazzano multicluster applications may be deployed to the managed cluster from the admin cluster.
    • Logs and metrics for Verrazzano system components and Verrazzano multicluster applications deployed on the managed cluster are viewable from the admin cluster.
  • Verrazzano multicluster resources - Custom Kubernetes resources defined by Verrazzano.
    • Each multicluster resource serves as a wrapper for an underlying resource type.
    • A multicluster resource allows the placement of the underlying resource to be specified as a list of names of the clusters in which the resource must be placed.

For more details, see here.