Deploy Applications With Argo CD

Use Argo CD to synchronize and deploy applications

To deploy applications in a custom namespace, create Argo CD applications that specify the Git repository path, which Argo CD requires to synchronize and deploy the applications in the specified namespace.

NOTE: You can either pre-create a namespace and label it or auto-create a namespace when deploying an application.

This example provides information about how to deploy the Hello-helidon application. The Hello-helidon application and component YAML files are available at Hello World Helidon.

  1. Log in to the Argo CD console.
  2. Click New App.
  3. Specify a name for the application.
  4. For Project Name, select default.
  5. Select the required Sync Policy option:
    • Automatic - By default, every three minutes, Argo CD checks the specified Git repository and synchronizes the updates in Kubernetes to the Git repository.
    • Manual - For manually synchronizing the updates to the Git repository, use the Manual option.
  6. If you want to auto-create a namespace, in the Sync Options section, select Auto-Create Namespace.
    By auto-creating the namespace, the application will be deployed outside of the service mesh. The best practice is to pre-create the namespace and label it.
  7. Under the Source section, enter the following:
  8. Under the Destination section, do the following:
    • Cluster URL: Select the cluster to which you want to deploy the applications.
    • Namespace: Specify the namespace in which you want to deploy the applications. The instructions in this sample use hello-helidon as the namespace.
  9. Click Create.
  10. If you selected Manual as the Sync Policy option, then click Sync. In the Synchronize Resources section, select all the resources, and then click Synchronize.
    This creates the Argo CD application and a pictorial representation of the deployed applications is displayed.

To verify or undeploy the Argo CD application, see Verify the deployed application and Undeploy applications.