Enable and Configure Argo CD

Enable and configure Argo CD to work with your Git repositories

Enable Argo CD

  1. Install Verrazzano and set up a multicluster environment by following these instructions.
    a. Because Argo CD is not enabled by default, you must first enable argoCD on the admin cluster.
    b. When you register managed clusters, they are automatically registered in Argo CD.
  2. Access the Argo CD console using the instructions at Access Verrazzano.
  3. After you set up your application in the Argo CD console, those registered clusters will be available for you to select, deploy, and manage applications.

Configure repositories

In the Argo CD console, configure repositories that will contain the Kubernetes resources for deploying an application.

The following is a sample procedure to configure a private Git repository through HTTPS.

  1. Log in to the Argo CD console.
  2. In the left navigation, click Settings.
  3. Click Repositories.
  4. Click Connect Repo.
  5. Select VIA HTTPS as the connection method.
  6. For Project, specify default.
    NOTE: Unless they are grouped together, all the projects are defined in the default level.
  7. For Repository URL, provide the required URL.
  8. If it is a private repository and a user name and password is required to connect to the repository, enter the required credentials.
    NOTE: The other fields are optional and based on how the Git repository is configured.
  9. Click Connect and verify that the connection status displayed is Successful.