The VerrazzanoManagedCluster custom resource is used to register a managed cluster with an admin cluster. Here is a sample VerrazzanoManagedCluster that registers the cluster named managed1. To deploy an example application that demonstrates a VerrazzanoManagedCluster, see Multicluster Hello World Helidon.

kind: VerrazzanoManagedCluster
  name: managed1
  namespace: verrazzano-mc
  description: "Managed Cluster 1"
  caSecret: ca-secret-managed1


Field Type Description Required
apiVersion string Yes
kind string VerrazzanoManagedCluster Yes
metadata ObjectMeta Refer to Kubernetes API documentation for fields of metadata. Yes
spec VerrazzanoManagedClusterSpec The managed cluster specification. Yes
status VerrazzanoManagedClusterStatus The runtime status this resource. No


VerrazzanoManagedClusterSpec specifies a managed cluster to associate with an admin cluster.

Field Type Description Required
description string The description of the managed cluster. No
caSecret string The name of a Secret that contains the CA certificate of the managed cluster. This is used to configure the admin cluster to scrape metrics from the Prometheus endpoint on the managed cluster. See the pre-registration instructions for how to create this Secret. Yes
serviceAccount string The name of the ServiceAccount that was generated for the managed cluster. This field is managed by a Verrazzano Kubernetes operator. No
managedClusterManifestSecret string The name of the Secret containing generated YAML manifest file to be applied by the user to the managed cluster. This field is managed by a Verrazzano Kubernetes operator. No


Field Type Description Required
conditions Condition array The current state of this resource. No
lastAgentConnectTime string The last time the agent from this managed cluster connected to the admin cluster. No
apiUrl string The Verrazzano API server URL for the managed cluster. No


Condition describes current state of this resource.

Field Type Description Required
type string The condition of the multicluster resource which can be checked with a kubectl wait command. Condition values are case-sensitive and formatted as follows: Ready: the VerrazzanoManagedCluster is ready to be used and all resources needed have been generated. Yes
status ConditionStatus An instance of the type ConditionStatus that is defined in types.go. Yes
lastTransitionTime string The last time the condition transitioned from one status to another. No
message string A message with details about the last transition. No