Use a Private Registry

Instructions for setting up Verrazzano using a private container registry

Installing Verrazzano using a private Docker-compliant container registry requires the following:

  • Loading all the required Verrazzano container images into your own registry and repository.
  • Installing the Verrazzano platform operator with the private registry and repository used to load the images.

To obtain the required Verrazzano images and install from your private registry, you must:

  1. Download the Verrazzano ZIP file:

    • Download the Verrazzano ZIP file from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud for major or minor releases.

      a. In your browser, go to the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and log in with your credentials.

      b. In the drop-down menu preceding the search bar, select All Categories.

      c. In the search bar, enter Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform and click Search.

      d. Select the REL: Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform link. This will add it to your download queue.

      e. At the top of the page, select the Continue link.

      f. Review the Download Queue, then click Continue.

      g. Accept the license agreement and click Continue.

      h. Download the file:

      • To download the ZIP file directly, select the file link in the list.
      • To download the ZIP file using Oracle Download Manager, click Download and run the Oracle Download Manager executable.
    • Download the Verrazzano ZIP file from My Oracle Support for cumulative patches.

      a. In your browser, go to My Oracle Support and log in with your credentials.

      b. Select the Patches & Updates tab.

      c. In the Patch Search panel, select the link Product or Family (Advanced).

      d. In the search bar for Product is, enter Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform.

      e. The previous step populates the available releases for Verrazzano in the drop-down menu Release is. Select the desired release(s) and click Search.

      f. A new panel with Patch Advanced Search Results will open listing all the patches for the release. Select the link for the desired patch, under the Patch Name.

      g. From the page providing details about the patch, click Download.

      h. Download the ZIP file by selecting the file link.

  2. Prepare to do the private registry install:

    • Unzip the ZIP archive to a desired directory location. There will be two files, a compressed TAR file containing the product files and a checksum file.
    • Go to the expanded archive directory.
    • (Optional) Validate the checksum and the TAR file match. For example,
      $ shasum -c  verrazzano_1.3.8.tar.gz.sha256
      # Sample output
      verrazzano_1.3.8.tar.gz: OK
    • Expand the TAR file, for example, tar xvf verrazzano_1.3.8.tar.gz.
  3. Load the product images into your private registry and install Verrazzano using the instructions in the file that is packaged with the TAR file.

Configuring access to an insecure private registry

A private Docker registry is called an insecure registry when it is configured for access using a self-signed certificate or over an unencrypted HTTP connection. Depending on the platform, there could be some additional configuration required for installing Verrazzano with an insecure registry.

For example, for the Oracle Cloud Native Environment platform, the insecure registries must be configured in /etc/containers/registries.conf as follows on the worker nodes:

     registries = ["insecure-registry-1:1001/registry1","insecure-registry-2:1001/registry2"]