Generic Kubernetes

Instructions for setting up a generic Kubernetes cluster for Verrazzano

Prepare for the generic install

Verrazzano requires that your Kubernetes cluster provides an implementation of network load balancers (Services of type LoadBalancer) for a production environment. If your generic Kubernetes implementation provides this feature, then you can use a default configuration of the Verrazzano custom resource with no customizations and follow the Installation Guide.

You can install a load balancer, such as MetalLB. This setup requires knowledge of networking both inside and outside your Kubernetes cluster. This would include specifics of your Container Network Interface (CNI) implementation, IP address allocation schemes, and routing that go beyond the scope of this documentation. For a Kind implementation, see Install and configure MetalLB.

It is possible to use a Kubernetes Service of type NodePort to test aspects of Verrazzano. This requires a good working knowledge of networking and has limited use cases.


Verrazzano is highly customizable. If your Kubernetes implementation requires a custom configuration, see Customize Installations.

Next steps

To continue, see the Installation Guide.