Welcome to Verrazzano

Verrazzano is an end-to-end enterprise container platform for deploying cloud-native and traditional applications in multicloud and hybrid environments. It is made up of a curated set of open source components – many that you may already use and trust, and some that were written specifically to pull together all of the pieces that make Verrazzano a cohesive and easy to use platform.

Verrazzano includes the following capabilities:

  • Hybrid and multicluster workload management
  • Special handling for WebLogic, Coherence, and Helidon applications
  • Multicluster infrastructure management
  • Integrated and pre-wired application monitoring
  • Integrated security
  • DevOps and GitOps enablement

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Verrazzano release versions and source code are available at https://github.com/verrazzano/verrazzano. This repository contains a Kubernetes operator for installing Verrazzano and example applications for use with Verrazzano. Find the Verrazzano release history here.

For documentation from all releases, use the Documentation version menu at the top of this page. For developers’ perspectives, check us out on Medium.