Verrazzano Console

Use its intuitive user interface to interact with applications and configurations in your Verrazzano environment.

Using the Verrazzano Console, you can:

  • Find general information about your Verrazzano environment, such as Status and Version.
  • Access the installed Rancher and Keycloak consoles.
  • Access OpenSearch Dashboards, Grafana, Prometheus, and OpenSearch telemetry data.
  • View applications, projects, and Components resources.
  • In a multicluster environment, view clusters.
  • Use the breadcrumbs for quick and easy navigation.
  • Use the Resources navigation to browse child resources associated with the Resource being displayed.
  • Sort (order) and filter data according to certain attributes.

Selecting an application, project, or Component will open a detailed view of the associated child resources. In the central metadata section, you’ll find detailed information about the Verrazzano resource being displayed.

For information on how to access the Verrazzano Console, see Get the consoles URLs.