LoggingTrait Custom Resource Definition

The LoggingTrait custom resource contains the configuration for an additional logging sidecar with a custom image and Fluentd configuration file. Here is a sample ApplicationConfiguration that includes a LoggingTrait. To deploy an example application with this LoggingTrait, replace the ApplicationConfiguration of the ToDo-List example application with the following sample.

apiVersion: core.oam.dev/v1alpha2
kind: ApplicationConfiguration
  name: todo-appconf
  namespace: todo-list
    version: v1.0.0
    description: "ToDo List example application"
    - componentName: todo-domain
        - trait:
            apiVersion: oam.verrazzano.io/v1alpha1
            kind: LoggingTrait
              name: logging-trait-example
              namespace: todo-list
              loggingImage: fluent/fleuntd-example-image # Replace with custom Fluentd Image
              loggingConfig: |-
                # Replace with Fluentd config file
                <match **>
                @type stdout
    - componentName: todo-jdbc-configmap
    - componentName: todo-mysql-configmap
    - componentName: todo-mysql-service
    - componentName: todo-mysql-deployment

In this sample configuration, the LoggingTrait logging-trait-example is set on the todo-domain application component and defines a logging sidecar with the given Fluentd image and configuration file. This sidecar will be attached to the component’s pod and will gather logs according to the given Fluentd configuration file. In order for the Fluentd DaemonSet to collect the custom logs, the Fluentd configuration file needs to direct the logs to STDOUT, as demonstrated in the previous example.

For example, when the ToDo-List example ApplicationConfiguration is successfully deployed with a LoggingTrait, the tododomain-adminserver pod will have a container named logging-stdout.

$ kubectl get pods tododomain-adminserver -n todo-list -o jsonpath='{.spec.containers[*].name}'
  ... logging-stdout ...

In this example, the logging-stdout container will run the image given in the LoggingTrait and a ConfigMap named logging-stdout-todo-domain-domain will be created with the custom Fluentd configuration file.


Field Type Description Required
apiVersion string oam.verrazzano.io/v1alpha1 Yes
kind string LoggingTrait Yes
metadata ObjectMeta Refer to Kubernetes API documentation for fields of metadata. No
spec LoggingTraitSpec The desired state of a logging trait. Yes


LoggingTraitSpec specifies the desired state of a logging trait.

Field Type Description Required
loggingConfig string A string representation of the Fluentd configuration. Yes
loggingImage string The name of the custom Fluentd image. Yes