Software Versions

Software versions installed with Verrazzano

Verrazzano installs a curated set of open source components. The following table lists each open source component with its version and a brief description.

Component Version Description
cert-manager 1.2.0 Automates the management and issuance of TLS certificates.
Coherence Operator 3.1.3 Assists with deploying and managing Coherence clusters.
Elasticsearch 7.6.1 Provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine.
ExternalDNS 0.7.1 Synchronizes exposed Kubernetes Services and Ingresses with DNS providers.
Grafana 6.4.4 Tool to help you study, analyze, and monitor metrics.
Istio 1.7.3 Service mesh that layers transparently onto existing distributed applications.
Keycloak 10.0.1 Provides single sign-on with Identity and Access Management.
Kibana 7.6.1 Provides search and data visualization capabilities for data indexed in Elasticsearch.
MySQL 8.0.20 Open source relational database management system used by Keycloak.
NGINX Ingress Controller 0.46.0 Traffic management solution for cloud‑native applications in Kubernetes.
Node Exporter 1.0.0 Prometheus exporter for hardware and OS metrics.
OAM Kubernetes Runtime 0.3.0 Plug-in for implementing Open Application Model (OAM) control plane with Kubernetes.
Prometheus 2.13.1 Provides event monitoring and alerting.
Rancher 2.5.7 Manages multiple Kubernetes clusters.
WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator 3.2.3 Assists with deploying and managing WebLogic domains.

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